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We provide smart IoT energy meters that transform society and business through energy conservation and optimization.

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Delving Research and Development Private Limited, founded in October 2015, is a startup recognized as an Innovation Hub by STARTUP INDIA (DIPP2550). Delving has been providing the best to customers in terms of product quality and sophisticated services with a dedicated team with a strong background in hardware and software. This diverse experience helps us understand customer needs to make the best improvements to our products. Delving R&D is a business solutions company. We develop IoT-based software products and hardware products for industries and electric utilities.

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Founded in 2015

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Why Choose DelvingRD?

Choosing Delving R&D means choosing excellence, innovation, and partnership. Here are some compelling reasons to make us your trusted R&D and ERP service provider

DelvingRD boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience across diverse industries. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table, ensuring that your projects are in capable hands.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Whether it’s developing groundbreaking products or implementing cutting-edge ERP solutions, we thrive on delivering innovative solutions that drive real results for your business.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we take a tailored approach to our services. From R&D projects to ERP implementations, we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives, delivering customized solutions that align perfectly with your goals.

When you choose DelvingRD, you can trust us to deliver on our promises. We take pride in our track record of success and our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget. You can rely on us to be a dependable partner every step of the way.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in working closely with our clients, fostering open communication, and building strong relationships based on trust and transparency. When you choose DelvingRD, you’re choosing a true partnership built on mutual respect and shared goals.

Ultimately, the reason to choose DelvingRD comes down to results. We are dedicated to helping your business succeed, whether that means driving innovation, optimizing processes, or improving efficiency. With DelvingRD by your side, you can rest assured that you’re making a choice that will positively impact your bottom line.


we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, offering cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With a team of seasoned experts and a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in driving growth, efficiency, and success.

Research and Development (R&D)

We specialize in delivering comprehensive R&D solutions designed to propel your business forward.

Whether you're looking to develop new products, enhance existing ones, or optimize processes, our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, and scientists is here to bring your vision to life.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline your operations and maximize productivity with our customized ERP solutions.

From implementation and customization to training and support, we'll work closely with you to ensure seamless integration and long-term success.

Technology Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative technology solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it's software development, data analytics, or digital transformation initiatives, we have the expertise and resources to drive meaningful results.

Dynamic Reactive Compensation Unit

The DRCU can measure all three-phase electrical parameters and calculate the capacitor values ​​required to improve the power factor. 1 and 2 levels for monitoring individual machines and pumps, and 3–8 levels for monitoring entire industries, power plants, and commercial buildings. It also has alarm and trigger controls. The time becomes valid. Six capacitors and two MD controls are enabled.

Textile Spinning Automation

Deltex can measure the three-phase electrical parameters of individual machines as well as physical parameters such as front roller speed, spindle speed, temperature, and humidity. Compensates for reactive power and improves the power factor. It also has alarm and trigger controls.

Transformer Monitoring System

The DT-MMCM can measure all three-phase electrical parameters, and physical parameters such as ambient temperature, humidity, temperature, and oil level are monitored. The required capacitors are calculated according to the load and installed dynamically to improve the power factor. It also has alarm and trigger controls.

Maximum Demand Controller

The MD controller can measure all three-phase electrical parameters and uses multiple relays to control the maximum demand when the system load exceeds 90% of the maximum load. It also shuts down non-critical loads based on customer input and removes all power if the alarm or trip control fails to shut down non-critical loads. The time becomes valid.

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DRCU will be provided according to your requirements and depends on Load at the installation point. After load Analysis at your end, we will give you the quote.

Yes of course, We will analyze the load at the installation point with the corresponding service charges.

  • Del-Smart DRCU can measure Electrical Parameters including Voltage, Current, and Power Factor. It will calculate KWH, KVRH, KVAH, and Maximum Demand. DRCU will calculate the capacitor required value for reactive power compensation to make the PF above 0.95.
  • Low PF values can be set in the software dynamically
  • DRCU has multi-step (2-Step, 4-Step, 6-Step, and 8-Step) capacitor switching depending upon load.
  • With this Del-Smart DRCU, a few Sensors will be interfaced to measure the physical parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Speed, Level Measurement, and Pressure.
  • Measured data will push to the cloud server for analysis and forecasting purposes.
  • Remote Calibration and ON and OFF can be done.
  • Transmission Copper loss will be reduced and efficiency will be improved & active power balance is suggested resulting in a reduction of line losses and energy consumption.

Del-Smart DRCU – Machine Condition Monitoring Unit:

  • This IoT Smart meter will measure individual machine Electrical parameters and it will Switch-OFF the machine power supply upon abnormality (Over Voltage & over current protection). It will also measure the physical parameter of the machine (Optional). This will also do the reactive power compensation for that machine (Optional).

Del-Smart DRCU – Industry Monitoring Unit:

  • This IoT Smart meter will measure electrical parameters and it has 8 control signals which can be used for reactive power compensation. It also can be used for Maximum demand control.
  • It is depending on the machine’s condition. For good condition of 3 HP machine, 1 KVAR is required. For this, we will install our meter initially we will calculate the number of KVAR required for the machine and we will install the same.
  • It will save 5-7% when installing the Del-Smart DRCU at load point

It can measure the Electrical parameters at Class 1 accuracy at ± 20% of rated value.

We have two options, one for Outdoor and one for Indoor. The outdoor meter is water resistance.

Low PF and High PF limit can be set remotely using DRCU software login.

  • 1st Year Warranty Cover from installation date.
  • From 2nd Year onwards AMC will be charged for maintenance (Spare cost will be extra based on market price)

Customer requirements will be feed into the software as rated value and if measured values exceeds the rated value it will sent a warning SMS to the concern person/alarm and if required by the customer it will cut-off the power supply of the machine.


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