Smart Meter for Electricity: Feature IoT Smart Meter used to Monitor, Measure, Control & Maintain High Energy Consuming Apparatus.

Dynamic Reactive Compensation Unit

The DRCU is a DelSmart IoT device that measures 3-phase electrical parameters and improves power factor by adding capacitors. Data is sent to a software package via GSM or Wi-Fi. DRCU is applicable for single or two steps for machine monitoring and 3 to 12 steps for industries, electrical utilities, and commercial buildings.

online Textile machine monitoring (DelTex)

DelTex measures individual machines' electrical and physical parameters, including front roller speed, spindle speed, temperature, and humidity; improves power factor; and provides alarm and trip controls.

Distribution Transformer Monitoring System(DTMS)

DelSmart-DTMS offers real-time data monitoring, analysis, alarms, trip control, and temperature measurement, enhancing power distribution network efficiency, optimizing low-voltage networks, and reducing AT&C losses through data analytics.

Online Monitoring and MD Controller

The system measures all three-phase electrical parameters and uses multiple relays for maximum demand control when system load exceeds 90%. It also cuts off non-critical loads based on customer inputs and overall power supply when insufficient.

Three phase Energy Monitoring System

DelSmart IoT-Based Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter is an AC static transformer operated and Var-hour meter watt hour with time of use registers and two-way communication capabilities. It is designed to measure `import and export` energy parameters.

Single phase Energy Monitoring System

The DelSmart IoT-Based Three-Phase Smart Energy Meter is a static transformer-operated meter with time of use registers and two-way communication capabilities, designed to measure energy parameters and categorize consumers within distribution networks, allowing remote data collection.


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Your One-Stop Energy Management Solution

By installing a smart meter for electricity (DelSmart-IoT) at the load point, you will be able to attain the maximum benefits of the solution to reduce your energy management problems in your day-to-day workloads.

Including all the benefits of DelSmart-IoT, you will be getting a one-year free warranty for the product.

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Remove your Physical Monitoring Problem

DelSmart-IoT is completely cloud-based online monitoring, where you can easily monitor the data with your mobile or desktop at any time from anywhere.

All the important decision-making reports will be available in the software, and you can share the data with anyone. You can also assign a user with specific reports as an administrator of the software.

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Automated sms & mail Alerts

DelSmart-IoT will send you automatic SMS alerts if any component is degraded, high or low voltage period, amps become high, etc.

And you will be receiving daily mail updates on the previous day's energy consumption for your comfort.

Real-Time Alerts

The DelSmart IoT Energy Meter is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to constantly monitor energy consumption in real-time. This allows it to detect any abnormality promptly or deviation from normal energy usage patterns. In such cases, the meter sends instant alerts to users, ensuring that they are promptly informed about any potential issues and can take the necessary actions to address them.

Interface with ERP System.

The DelSmart IoT Energy Meter offers seamless integration with an ERP system, allowing for efficient data management and analysis. This integration enables real-time monitoring of energy consumption, providing valuable insights for optimizing energy usage and reducing costs.

Electrical Harmonics Monitoring

The DelSmart IoT Energy Meter is an advanced device that not only monitors energy consumption but also offers the added feature of electrical harmonic monitoring. By analyzing and measuring the harmonics present in the electrical system, it provides valuable insights into the quality of power being consumed, allowing for better optimization and troubleshooting of electrical equipment. With its seamless integration into existing IoT networks, the DelSmart IoT Energy Meter is a reliable solution for efficient energy management and ensuring a stable power supply.

Energy Data backup & Recovery.

The DelSmart IoT Energy Meter offers a comprehensive solution for data backup and recovery. With its advanced technology, it ensures that all energy consumption data is securely stored and can be easily recovered in case of any system failures or data loss incidents. This feature provides peace of mind to users, knowing that their valuable energy data is always protected and can be quickly restored when needed.



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Electrical parameters

Load Active and Inactive Hours


SMS Alert

Monthly Analysis Report

Dedicated Online Software


Customized Reports

E-Mail Alerts

Injected KVAR Report

Daily Consumable Report

Device Audit Report

Software Key Features

Readings & Data

Reduce Energy Bills with TOD

Time of Day (TOD) charts give you the insights about the on-peak hours and off-peak hours to reduce energy bills.

Know current reduction with DelSmart-IoT DRCU

With the software, you can see and compare how much current has been reduced after installing DelSmart-IoT at the load point.

With & Without Smart Meter for Electricity
Smart Meter for Electricity

Get the Individual Device Data

You can see the actual device status and details that have been installed for you with the detailed view of parent and child devices.

Know how much KVAR has been injected

With the online software, you can view how much KVAR has been injected to maintain the capacitor for balancing.

Electrical Parameters Measurements

Electrical parameter measurements can help identify energy inefficiencies in electrical systems, allowing for optimizations to be made to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs.

*Stocks Available

Frequently Asked Questions?

DRCU will be provided according to your requirements and depends on load at the installation point. After load analysis at your end, we will give you the quote.

Yes, of course. We will analyze the load at the installation point with the corresponding service charges.

  • Del-Smart DRCU can measure electrical parameters, including voltage, current, and power factor. It will calculate KWH, KVRH, KVAH, and maximum demand. DRCU will calculate the capacitor required value for reactive power compensation to make the PF above 0.95.
  • Low PF values can be set in the software dynamically
  • DRCU has multi-step (2-step, 4-step, 6-step, and 8-step) capacitor switching depending upon load.
  • With this Del-Smart DRCU, a few sensors will be interfaced to measure physical parameters, including temperature, humidity, speed, level measurement, and pressure.
  • Measured data will be pushed to the cloud server for analysis and forecasting purposes.
  • Remote calibration and ON and OFF can be done.
  • Transmission Copper loss will be reduced, efficiency will be improved, and an active power balance is suggested, resulting in a reduction of line losses and energy consumption.

Del-Smart DRCU (Machine Condition Monitoring Unit):
This IoT smart meter will measure individual machine electrical parameters, and it will switch off the machine power supply upon abnormality (overvoltage and overcurrent protection). It will also measure the physical parameters of the machine (optional). This will also do the reactive power compensation for that machine (optional).

Del-Smart DRCU: Industry Monitoring Unit
This IoT smart meter will measure electrical parameters, and it has eight control signals that can be used for reactive power compensation. It can also be used for maximum demand control.

It depends on the machine’s condition. For the good condition of a 3 HP machine, 1 KVAR is required. For this, we will install our meter; initially, we will calculate the number of KVAR required for the machine, and we will install the same.

It will save 5–7% when installing the Del-Smart DRCU at load point

It can measure the electrical parameters with Class 1 accuracy of ± 20% of the rated value.

We have two options: one for outdoor and one for indoor. The outdoor meter is water-resistant.

Low PF and high PF limits can be set remotely using the DRCU software login.

  • 1st year warranty coverage from the installation date.
  • From 2nd Year onwards, AMC will be charged for maintenance (Spare cost will be extra based on market price)

Customer requirements will be feed into the software as a rated value. If measured values exceed the rated value, it will send a warning SMS to the concerned person or alarm, and if required by the customer, it will cut off the power supply of the machine.