Dynamic Reactive Compensation Unit

DRCU can also act as a Dynamic Reactive Compensator Unit (DRCU), and it has a communication
module for pushing the data into the cloud server in real-time. DRCU will be Implemented in the urban
areas with high per-capita consumption consumers, and integrated with the energy accounting
package of the electrical utility. It will also be implemented in electrical utilities as IoT Systems for
homes, commercial loads and distribution transformers, distribution lines for discontinuation of
phases, etc. The package can be installed in all distribution offices across the country for load analysis
and load reconfiguration. The geographical information of a Distribution Transformer (DT) is very much
beneficial because the distance of the consumer from the transformer plays a vital role in selecting the
favorable consumers for transformer shifting, as tail-end consumer load release will improve the
voltage profile more than the nearby consumer.

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Product information

Phase : 3 – Phase, 4 Wire

Brand: Delving Research and Development

Model Name/Number: DRCU2022

Type : Smart IoT Meter


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