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Multi-Feature IoT Smart Meter (MFISM)

MFISM - Multi-Feature IoT Smart Meter


Short Description

MFISM can measure 3-Phase Electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Real Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Unit Consumed and Maximum Demand) and physical parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Speed, Level and Pressure) using sensors. Measured data’s are pushed to dedicated software package through GSM/WiFi module. It will cut-off the power supply of the system/machine, when the system/machine exceeding the rated values in electrical and the sensor as per customer requirement and it will also send an SMS to the customer against abnormalities. Device installed location identification can be done using a GPS module as add-on and it can be viewed in the Software package.

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3 – Phase 4 Wire

Delving Research and Development


Smart IoT Meter

Electrical Parameters & Physical Parameters

  • Online calibration can be done through software
  • Voltage and Current abnormality based ON and OFF the power supply
  • Physical Parameter abnormality based ON and OFF the power supply
  • You can see the capacitor ON and OFF
  • You can see the Total Injected KVAR for a particular date and month wise
  • Total Active and InActive hours of Individual device can be viewed
  • Average Power Factor can be viewable on date and month-wise