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Implementation of Smart Cities, Electronically Controlled Distribution Systems, Smart Meter for Domestic Applications, Automatic Electricity Bill Generation, Automatic SMS Alert Generation to registered mobile phone


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Smart Energy Meter

It measures the most accurate amount of electricity consumed by a residence, business or any electrically-powered device. It measures electrical quantities of industry/industrial machines along withphysical quantities like Pressure, Temperature, Speed, Vibration, Humidity andetc., that are pivotal to industrial monitoring.

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Automatic Power Factor Controller

Automatic power factor controller project is designed to improve power factor automatically whenever power factor falls below a certain level.

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Maximum Demand Controller

Maximum demand controller is an energy-efficient electrical device which helps in controlling the KVA demand during high power usage periods by shedding non-critical loads.

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Metering Reactive Compensative Unit(MRCU)

The MRCU is a concept of measuring transformer physical parameters along with electrical parameters through IoT based multi features Smart Energy Meter for energy loss reduction with active compensation and reactive compensation. It also aids in automation of Electrical Distribution Network by integrating with MCCB and IED. It will be used as effective tool for loss minimization of Distribution Network.

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Multi Features Smart Energy Meter

  • It can measure following data's,
    1. 1 – Phase or 3 - Phase Voltage & Current.
    2. Power Factor, Real Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Unit Consumed, Maximum Demand.
    3. Oil Temperature (0-1000° C with accuracy of ± 2° C)
    4. Oil Level detection (3-100 cm with accuracy of ± 2 cm)

  • 1. Wi-Fi to facilitate transfer of large chunks of data
    2. GSM/GPRS (2G Micro SIM) to facilitate transfer of large chunks of data for long range communication

  • 1. Get accurate Transformer Location.
    2. Can know the transformer is ON, OFF, and Waiting status using the marker color
    3. Get the data's like Transformer name, Latitude, Longitude, and Address.

  • 1. Chart data for voltage,powerfactor,temperature,current and float
    2. Can get abnormality and its value for selected machine and device
    3. Can get the on and off status in log report for selected machine and device with datewise