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Delving provides ERP solutions that prove to be a necessity for the optimization and sustenance of industries in today’s competitive world

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We have software for various domains with Various functions


ProfitMAX is the GST Billing & Accounting Software (GST BILLING FOR ALL PACKAGES AS PER GOVERNMENT NORMS). It has various features such as Purchase, Sales, Invoice, DC, all GST formats, Input Tax Credit, GST returns and Stock. It is base on all types of organizations.

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Textile industry demands the production of quality products possessing increased shelf life which becomes possible only with the proper management of all resources available in the industry. Implementation of ERP aids the growth of the industry in terms of both quality and quantity.

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The manufacturing industry requires efficient management of resources, and complete accounting of various costs incurred at each stage. Manufacturing is constituted by various processes involving different raw materials and costs which are completely handled within ERP.

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TradeMAX is a barcode billing software that helps especially for dealers and distributors. Using this you can generate invoices easily for multiple branches and all information stored in Head office. The company can track products easily by giving product numbers from anywhere at any time.

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ServiceMax is a billing and accounting software with a service management system. It supports all kinds of service industries like machines, equipment and repair or maintenance services. This software helps to improve business effectively by tracking their customers for service follow-ups.

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A printing management system is a simple and efficient solution made for offset printers to manage all business activities. We enable a printing organization with a great foundation, incorporating all of the fundamental aspects of running a business.

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Civil ERP with Monitoring is a progressive and accurate way of checking the quality, accuracy and progress of a Civil Construction project. It focuses on practical business analytical model for construction companies which can be used to track and manage every activity and process.

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School Management Software which is developed for managing the schools and institution work process.It has various features such as student registration, purchase and sales maintenance, Monitor CCTV and GPRS of school vehicles,as well as mapping students as required and more.

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I Chef

Chef management software,which helps to calculate production cost, retail price (with and without tax), and food cost percentage, gross profit percentage for all recipes, menus and functions/events. recipes comparison, Purchase order and sales order,Stock management Financial management.

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Human resource management software which is complex process due to large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements. You need a stress-free solution that is fully secured, tackles aspects of the payroll process.

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Delving Dental clinic management software manages all work with a beautiful patient workflow, billing, payment and follow-ups. Customers have individual Records management Schedule and appointments Data records Financial management can be customized.

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