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Implementation of Smart Cities

A smart city is equipped with smart grids which facilitate the collection and transferring of electricity related data. Power is automatically re-distributes according to the usage of each region, thereby removing any imbalance in the electricity distribution. A major step in achieving such smart cities lies in the implementation of smart meters which keep a track of electricity usage  which aids energy conservation.

Electronically Controlled Distribution Systems

Today’s electro-mechanical control systems will be replaced by digital control with new electronic devices providing the controls and likely performing many of the high-speed switching functions. An integrated system that utilizes communications will enable the electric system to communicate directly with end-use devices, and would automatically optimize system operation.

Smart Meter for Domestic Applications

A Home Energy Management System can provide the automatic interface that the consumer needs to manage the consumption of electricity. The EMS receives current and forecast information on electricity pricing. Based on energy slabs, the consumer can develop their own energy usage profile and use the data accordingly.

Features to be integrated in DELMET


Automatic Electricity Bill Generation. 

Bill generated is available to both the utility and the customer


Pre-payment and Post-payment scheme

Customers can recharge for the amount of utility required or pay bills based on usage.


Periodic logging of Power Data

All energy related data is saved at regular inervals for later reference 


Controllability of power supply from Electrical Utility

Customer may be disconnected from the supply if limits are exceeded or bills aren't paid


Automatic SMS Alert Generation to registered mobile phone

Customers are notified in case of abnormalities in energy usage